Saint James         (Click for map to Holy Protection in KC; for map to St Irene's in Wichita)  

meets in a private chapel (Holy Transfiguration) on priest's property

Click here for an Mapquest Interactive Road Map to Saint James' services

(Compare interactive map to aerial view below)

or use this Google map with zoom-in satellite views!

Chapel is in exact center of this image - at this end of 151st E. Ave (end of cul de sac) 


aerial photography courtesy of Adrian Gilstrap -  Gilstrap Field Airport FAA Airport Code 550K 

Orthodox pilots, you can fly in to Gundy Airport and contact us for a shuttle to

services.   St James is a mile west and 2 miles north as seen in the map at the

bottom of this page  

The large triple-lot multi-acre parcel next to Gundy's (visible in this view ) just to the the

right of the south end of the runway (across the first street which leads to the hangars) is

again available for sale.  It would provide an ideal spot for future Church construction.  

Our hope is that there is a pilot out there who would be willing to promote Orthodoxy among

fellow pilots  by donating funds or saleable aircraft towards acquisition of this site.