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Orthodox Praxis

On Going to Church

Guidelines for Parishioners and Visitors

How to Form an Orthodox Conscience

Which Translation should I use?

Favorite Book Lists

Orthodox Practice

Rules of Piety from Old Rite Church of the Nativity, Erie, PA    

On Standing

Prosfora and Antidoran

Explanation of Orthodox Baptism

Confession, Preparation for Communion, Arriving on Time, Thanksgiving, Kissing the Cross at the end of Liturgy etc... excellent!  - definitive of ROCA practice.  Do this!

Preparing for Confession 

Explanation of the Russian Orthodox Three-Bar Cross

Praying to Saints

Proper Dress - why have we brought such casual disregard for holiness into our Temples - who says jeans, sneakers and short-sleeved shirts are okay??  Comfort rules - as opposed to the instruction in ascesis that *used* to be taught - as in the old Jordanville Prayerbook:   "If you find a soft pillow, leave it, and put a stone in its place for Christ's sake."      And in today's athletic milieu,  layering of clothing is de riguer.  So too in Church people now repeatedly zip and unzip, don and doff layers, robe and disrobe with each degree of temperature change in order to stay exactly comfortable - as opposed to the way of the ascetic  "If you sleep in the cold of winter, bear it, for some did not sleep at all." (again, from the old Prayerbook).

Clergy Etiquette


Orthodoxy in America - a talk by Hieromonk Seraphim (Rose)

What is the Difference between Orthodoxy and the Western Confessions?

The River of Fire - a talk by Dr Alexandre Kalomiros in 1980

The Pre-Ancient Church - a posting to the ORTHODOX list

1988 Letter to the Orthodox Faithful - + priestmonk Kallistos

Norms for Behavior in Orthodox Churches -  + priestmonk Kallistos

Meditations and Directions Concerning Holy Communion - + priestmonk Kallistos


MISC Links

The Myrrh-Streaming Iveron Icon of Montreal

Alta Vista Babel Fish Translator

Very interesting Geneology Chart  (scroll to bottom of the page)

Wayback Machine - view archived versions of a web site

Reader, Choir and Altar Server Resources

Ledkovsky Site for Musical Score from the Synodal Cathedral Choir


Sheet Music Russian and Greek chant in the English language by Carol Surgant - in Adobe format

Get Acrobat Reader Web logo    Click for free download

Byzantine Chant Audio Files - Daniel Johnson

St John the Threologian Choir Page  .pdf (Adobe) sheet music, MUS (Finale) and MIDI files

Byzantine Troparia Audio Files - Reader John, St George, Kearney, NE

Byzantine Music  This webpage contains more than 1000 pages of Byzantine music, transcribed into Western notation according to the style of chanting used on the Holy Mountain. - in Finale format  

   Click for free download


Saint Romanos the Melodist Society

Summer School off Liturgical Music  Resource List

Musica Russica

Altar Service for Divine Liturgy

On-Line Orthodox Resources

Today's Saint from the Prologue or Saints by Date

The Complete Prologue

"Boston" Psalter

Early Church Fathers

Bishop Alexander's Publications in English, Spanish, Portuguese and Russian


Center for Traditionalist Orthodox Studies

Church Supplies and Book Services


  Orthodox Christian Recorded Books

  Mt. Sinai Orthodox Church Products   Icons by Kalliopios (Jameel) Abraham 


Traditional Byzantine Iconography by Paul Azkoul

Eastern Christian Supply Store Orthodox & Eastern Catholic Church Supplies Super Store

Greek Vestments  - Ecclesiastical Vesture from St Elizabeths's Convent in Etna 


Chrysostom Press Gospel Commentary of Blessed Theophylact and St Dmitry's Lives of Saints

Parallel English / Slavonic service books

St Nectarios Press




Orthodox Internet Services  Fr Matthew William's Web Hosting for Churches and Religious Organizations

Parish Links

 Holy Protection Orthodox Church    Kansas City Mission


St John Chrysostom Parish     House Springs, Mo 

Sheet Music in English compiled by Carol Surgant

St Nicholas Russian Orthodox Church Dallas Texas

St. Basil the Great Orthodox Church St Louis, Mo

St Nicholas Russian Orthodox Church    Stratford, CT




Official Home Page of the Synod of            


On-Line Orthodox Resources

Societal Links

Tulsa Area Higher Education

University of Tulsa

Rogers State University

Tulsa Community College

Oral Roberts University

University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Campus

Oklahoma State University - Tulsa Campus

Northeastern State College - Broken Arrow - Tahlequah

Phillips Theological Seminary

Langston University - Tulsa

Spartan College of Aeronautics and Technology

Tulsa Technology Center

"Relatively Safe" Schools

Tulsa County Public School Districts - you should probably avoid Tulsa Public Schools if possible

Broken Arrow Schools  good reputation, very large schools, southeast of Tulsa, becoming rougher

Jenks Schools  good reputation, wealthy tax base, southwest of Tulsa, football is king

Oologah-Talala  small town district, strong tax base, good reputation

Owasso Schools  good reputation, strong tax base in fastest growing city in state, safe, still has a christian atmosphere, our choice, but not the best choice for all

Union School District good reputation, wealthy tax base, inside city of Tulsa, football is king, diverse culturally

Tulsa City-County Library

Rogers County Public Schools

Claremore Schools  not the highest ranked schools, but a great town 14 miles east of Owasso, county seat of Rogers County (setting for Rogers & Hammerstein 'Oklahoma'), fasting growing Hispanic population in state

Sequoyah  north of Claremore, more highly ranked school

Verdigris   south of Claremore, not highly ranked

Catoosa   south of Verdigris, almost to Tulsa, highest tax base in Rogers Co, new Casino may help funding even more, but will also certainly affect social and spiritual climate

Private Schools

Cassia Hall  Mid-town Tulsa, Catholic prep school in old money part of town, best of the best

Holland Hall  newly relocated to South Tulsa from old money part of town, as expensive as T.U.,  to put into perspective, it was rated as not being as good as University Elementary in Bloomington, Indiana Public Schools by T.U. Professor on sabbatical at I.U.

Bishop Kelley  Mid-town Tulsa, where you go for High School if you can afford it

Rejoice Christian Owasso, Free Will Baptist based, where the wealthy protestant Owassoans (including Garth Brooks) send their kids

Tulsa Area Museums

Tulsa Air and Space Museum      - North Tulsa

Tulsa Zoo     - North Tulsa

 Gilcrease Museum of Western Heritage    - West Tulsa

Oklahoma Aquarium  - Jenks (southwest of Tulsa)

Philbrook  Art Museum     - Midtown Tulsa


J M Davis Gun Museum   - Claremore (14 miles east of Owasso)

Will Rogers Memorial - Claremore

Eltsing Mineral Museum  Some very unique specimens!!!  (southwest Tulsa)   

  Willard Eltsing died at age 93 in Oct 2004.    He moved his collection -- valued at $3 million -- from Route 66 west of Joplin Mo to Tulsa in 1976 and established Elsing Museum at University Village, a retirement community associated with Oral Roberts Ministries.

Four-State Area Museums

Everett J. Richey Mineral Museum   Joplin, Mo - 1.25 hrs up I-44 from Claremore.  An essential visit for those interested in Joplin Tri-State District Minerals.   Named after long time curator and Eagle-Picher Mining geochemist Everett Richey.

Price Tower  Frank Lloyd Wright's Skyscraper in Bartlesville, OK (45 minutes NW of Owasso)

Woolaroc    (click to enlarge) Frank Phillips Osage Hills Ranch, Lodge, Museum and Nature Preserve (12 miles southwest of Bartlesville, 45 miles north of Tulsa)

Tom Mix Museum Dewey, OK (immediately north of Bartlesville)

Brown Mansion and Dalton Defender's Museums Coffeyville KS  (55 mi N of Owasso)  Old icon hangs on wall in Brown Mansion

George Washington Carver National Monument    Diamond Grove, Mo - 10 mi SE of Joplin, Mo,  2.5 mi SW of Diamond, Mo  .  Click to view a copy of Dr Carver's original obituary from the January 6, 1943 Joplin Globe (stored in Fr Mark's grandmother's 1928 edition of L.H. Bailey's Standard Cyclopedia of Horticulture - along with Liberty Hyde Bailey's obituary from Dec 25, 1955)

Ozarks Afro-American Heritage Museum - Ash Grove, Mo (NW of Springfield) - Fr Moses Berry's museum downtown.  His OCA Old Calendar parish is nearby as is his family's property and The "Old Negro" or Berry Cemetery, which is listed on the National Register of Historic Sites. (Consider eating at the Orthodox-run Aloha Pizza if visiting Ash Grove).  See Reader Michael's website for further insight into Orthodoxy and African Americans.  And for "something completely different" see Kansas City's St Mary of Egypt Serbian Orthodox website regarding African-American passion bearers (I have no first-hand knowledge, but have been warned that their bookstore has some unusual iconography by subject (those depicted (civil rights and jazz personna) and by source (i.e. Monophysite)) not accepted by Orthodoxy.

Pea Ridge National Military Park - northern Arkansas

Carthage Battlefield Historical Museum - Carthage, Mo




Coffee and other indulgences  (because I like it and maybe you do too, and if so, you will discover something quite remarkable here - and God-willing also at a new on-line store called Family Church Supply at - Stay tuned)

Riley's Coffee & Fudge, Coffee from Around the World  - source for Decatur Street Blend - the green beans which we home roast for Trapeza

The Haitian Orthodox Mission - Orthodox source for green coffee beans  

Home Coffee Roasting Supplies -Sweet Maria's source for all other coffee beans.  Without a doubt the very first place to start.

Hard to find replacement parts for appliances (like espresso machines)

Make your own chocolate

One of our parishioners from Wichita is an accomplished home brewer.  I will ask him for some good links.


Clip Art  - originally distributed via and currently posted to David Vezie's Orthodox Page at MIT

This image   icxc.gif was made from scratch pixel-by-pixel, but the rest were scanned by me in the late '80s and early '90s using a handheld MarsTek scanner. 

    makes a nice header. 

All these images were scanned for use in preparing weekly Bulletins for St John Chrysostom parish in House Springs, Mo.

Click on the thumbnails below to open for a full size image 

Then you can right-click on the image to save to your disk.











Color gif image:

kursk.gif was the first thing I scanned after I finally got a color monitor! It's from a postcard given to me by my godfather, Fr Chad Williams. 


"Editorial" Cartoons