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Dear Father,

Christ is truly in our midst!

What a beautiful compilation of books. Just reading the titles brings one
back to the heavenly lines of the ones I have read. For those looking for
reading materials, these are truely the gems of today's orthodox
literature.  Many thanks to you for spending the time to compile this
list. This will surely be a boon to many who will take advantage of your

And, yes, father, this list does tell a lot about you.

May our Lord send his blessings upon you,
priest Elias



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Subject:      Re: Parish bookstore


Okay, I took a few minutes and scribbled down the names of a few of my

favorites of a general interest nature - all, I believe, obtained from

parish bookshelve/store(s).   If possible, encourage people to let you

order their other books for them so that the church always gets a "cut."

If handled delicately, this can also give you a lot of insight into what is

of interest (profitably or otherwise) to parishioners.  Perhaps the following

tells you more than I wish about myself??


+       +       +


"The Heavenly Garden", Nicholas Fotiou, St Nicholas Orthodox Education

Society, 1978

A wonderful iconographic depiction of the creation of man, with

a description of the angelic orders in an appendix.  Bought as

a chldren's book, but discovered to be much more.


"Lives of Saints for Young People" in 9 small (but large format) volumes

compiled by Lev Puhalo and published by Synaxis Press, 1976

(includes the life of St Mark the Anchorite April 5 - my saint)


"Marriage and the Christian Home", Rev Michael Henning, St Nectarios

Press, 1981.   A small book (slightly more than a tract) that has an

"old style" feel to it - as opposed to Light and Life's "Making God

Real in the Orthodox Christian Home."   It goes more to the heart of

the matter rather than discussing external tactics.


"A Manual of the Orthodox Church's Divine Services"  Archpriest D.

Sokolof, Jordanville, 1975.   This is one of the first books on

Orthodoxy I obtained - or rather, it was my _first_ Orthodox book

- the others were only "about" orthodoxy.  I found it at a book

and icon sale at the Greek Church Hall in Indy - at a festival held

by the Russian Church.  For someone like me, it was perfect.  It

is a guide to feeling comfortable with all the new and seemingly alien

aspects of Orthodox worship.  I will give a few details of the contents.


Preliminary Notions     Nature, Origin and External Signs of

                        Divine Services  (not extensive, but

                        better than most explanations you get

                        in a typical brief catechesis)


Church Temple           names of things, external appearances,

                        internal arrangement, appurtenances

                        (very nice engraving repros of temple

                        layout, Oblation and Altar table layouts



Of the Persons Who Perform Divine Services and Their Vestments

                        descriptions of clergy and their vestments

                        (more engravings)


On Public Worship       Daily, weekly and yearly cycles explained

                        and Vespers, Matins and Liturgy gone into

                        in greater detail.


Special Features of Divine Services  On Feast Days and in Fast Times


On the Different Ministrations

                        Sacraments of Baptism and Chrismation

                        Anointing of the Tsar  (dates the original doesn't it)

                        Consecration of a Church


                        Sacraments of Ordination, Matrimony, Unction, Conse-

                        cration of a monk, burila, and commemoration of the

                        dead, etc....


Books that contain the Divine Services

                        with an appendix on the Typikon

I like this book a lot, and other converts have found it to be quite useful

as well.



"A Man is His Faith - Ivan Kireyevsky and Orthodox Christianity"  Fr Alexey

Young  An excellent book for modern intellectuals and sceptics who are just

overcoming this handicap - an outstanding support in the Faith.


"The Young Elder - Blessed Archimandrite Ambrose of Milkovo" by Archbp

Anthony of San Francisco, Jordanville, 1974


"Antichrist" by Archpriest Boris Molchanoff, St John of Kronstadt Press


!!!  "Vison of Heaven and Hell" by Dushan Yovanovich (who beheld these

visions), reprint from a Serbian Patriarchate Newspaper, 1983/4


"Confession", Metroplitan Anthony Krapovitsky  (although you might not

need the help after reading the selection immediately above)


"The Order of the Typika"  one of several versions for laymen who find

themselves far from a church, or who wish to increase the number of

devotions during the week.


"Apostasy and Antichrist",  Lev Puhalo and Vasilli Novakshoneff,

Jordanville, 1978


"The Calendar Question"  Rev Bassile Sakkas, Jordanville, 1973


"Prayers for Purity"  Archpriest Anthony Gavalas, 1986


"Introduction to the Jesus Prayer"  H.R.H Princess Ileana of Romania


"Letters from a Convert"  to her parents,  St John of Kronstadt Press

"The Sacramental Life"                          ''      ''


"The Great Canon of Saint Andrew of Crete" (with the life of St Mary

of Egypt) Jordanville, 1967


"The Lamentations of Matins of Holy and Great Saturday, (with musical

score to get you started on melodies that will stay with you for eternity)

Holy Transfiguration Monastery, 1981   Includes the remarkable homily

by St Epiphanius Bishop of Cyprus, on the burial, descent into Hades and

release of the captives.  This homily was always read after the Lamentations

by my (and Fr Seraphim's) departed spiritual father.  Nothing else in my

experience compares to the moment when Adam recognizes the footsteps of

his Lord (that he heard daily in the garden of Paradise). And as he tells

the others Who has come even to the depths of Hades, the joy and hope of

the Resurrection is more than anticipated, it literally pulls you up along

with it from the depths of our own sin towards Pascha.  This homily is just

as important (IMO) to understanding as is St John's Homily on Pascha itself.

It deserves to be better known - but it really needs to be heard rather

than read (IMO).


"The Orthodox Veneration of the Mother of God" by Archbishop (Saint) John

Maximovitch of Shanghai and San Francisco


"My Life in Christ"  by St John of Kronstadt


"Way of a Pilgrim"  surely this has been mentioned already


"The Illustrated Sayings of the Holy Fathers"  Monk John Vranos, St Xenia

Skete Press  1984.   Another kids book for all of us.


"Anti-christianity - The New Athesim"  Fr Michael Azkoul, Monastery Press,

Montreal 1984


"Christ the Savior and The Jewish Revolution" Met Anthony Krapovitsky, St

John of Kronstadt Press


"A Wonderful Revelation to the World"  N.A. Motovilov,  ST Nectarios

Press, 1985


!!! "Indication of the Way into the Kingdom of Heaven"  Bp St Innocent

of Alaska, Jordanville , 1981


!!! "Meditations on the Divine Liturgy"  Nikolai Gogol,  Jordanville 1985


"Sacred Monarchy and the Modern Secular State"  (Fr Michael?) Montreal 1984


"The Dogma of Redemption"  Met Anthony Khrapovitsky. Monastery Press,

Montreal 1979


"Christianity or the Church?"  New Martyr Archbishop Ilarion (Troitsky)

Jordanville 1985


"The Old Testament in the New Testament Church"  Protopresbyter Micheal

Pomazansky, Jordanville 1977


And to supplement my list of selections, I will also add a couple that

should _NOT_ be included for curious and idle access: 

        The Philokalia

        The Rudder


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From:         Deacon Seraphim Holland <th7158@SWUTS.SBC.COM>

Subject:      Parish bookstore


I am very interested in starting a parish bookstore, primarily as a missionary

and teaching tool. I would appreciate any suggestions, book lists, sources of

inexpensive books, etc. Since we are of limited means, we need to have a very

sparse inventory. I don't care about making money, and may even sell the books

at my cost (under retail), but the enterprise must support itself. As a start,

let's put our heads together and come up with a "basic" inventory. I'll give my

list, which is heavily weighted towards Synod publications, since these are

what I know, and everyone agrees that they are of very high quality.  Does

anyone have any ideas about things that work in your parish?


Prayer books                            Approx price


Jordanville prayer book                     $12

"Boston" psalter                                $20

Akathist for Holy Communion            $2

Yearly Typicon                                 $15

Yearly wall calendar                          $5

Horologion (Fr Laurence's)                 $15

Lenten Triodion ?                              $20

Festal Menaion ?                                $20

Canons for Holy Communion ?           $3


Catechesis and pastoral works


The Law of God                                $30

A Journey to Heaven                         $15

The Arena ?                                      $15

One thing needful (sermons of Archbishop Andrei) $10

An indication of the Way to Heaven - St Innocent  $4


Scripture, Fathers


Commentary on St Matthew (Blessed Theoflyact)   $15

Commentary on St Mark (Blessed Theoflyact)          $15

Gospel Homilies (St Gregory the Great)          $15




Orthodox Life                                           $12/yr

Living Orthodoxy                                        $14/yr

Orthodox America                                        $8/yr

The Shepherd                                    donation






Lives of the Saints


The Prolog, as CHEAP as possible

Other books and pamphlets are needed here.






Olive Oil



hand censers

icons (which)


This list is not even close to comprehensive. I invite your suggestions.


Deacon Seraphim Holland -- ADDRESS: 6543 Hickory Trails, House Springs,MO 63051 WORK:314/235-3229 HOME:314/671-0464