The Holy Glorious Apostle James, the Brother of our Lord,  First Bishop of Jerusalem,  author of the Epistle of St James,  and compiler of the Divine Liturgy

Oct 23/5 Nov
  (Parish Feast Day),Sunday After Nativity Jan 4/17,  Synaxis of the 70 Apostles

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Hear the Lord's Prayer in Cherokee St James is located within the Cherokee Nation 

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Miscellaneous Photographs

Palm Sunday 2007

Pascha 2008

 General milling-about in front of the original chapel after Agape Vespers 2005


The Kursk Root icon in Tulsa

2005 Kursk Icon Visitation

2004 Kursk Visitation




Saint James the Apostle

Orthodox Church

a Russian-American parish established in 1997 by Archbishop Alypy of ROCA Now with the Holy Metropolis GOC, sInce 2007


9612 North 151st East Avenue

Owasso (Tulsa), Oklahoma 74055


Saint James follows traditional Orthodox Christian liturgical practices while "making God's service" in English.  We commemorate as our Archbishop, the GOC Metropolitan of America, Demetrius.

Our services trace their beginnings back to the Old Testament, and are a treasury of Scripture readings, prayers, hymns, and canons composed by the Saints and pious Christians throughout the ages.

We follow the Russian Typikon, and the Church Calendar  
(Julian or "Old Calendar").  

Our hymnology is a mixture of English and Slavonic.  There is      no instrumental accompaniment to the traditional chant of God-given human voices.  

Metropolitan Agafangel of ROCA  and Archbishop Kallinikos of the GOC

Whether you are Orthodox, or you would like to know more about the Orthodox faith, we welcome you to join us in worship, or to contact us.

Please join us in 'Trapeza' after Liturgy, for a meal sponsored and prepared by Matushka and the sisterhood of our community

Stereo view of St James chapel on Pascha 2009    quick tutorial on viewing

Why a Russian parish in the GOC?

Firstly, some background:

In 1955 the head of the Greek Old Calendar Church, Archbishop Chrysostomos (I) of Florina, reposed in the Lord without consecrating successors.   In 1960 Archbishop Seraphim of the ROCA diocese of Chicago and Detroit co-consecrated to the episcopate Archimandrite Akakios who was selected by the Traditional Calendar clergy of Greece.  By this act, the episcopate of the GOC was restored through Archbishop Seraphim. 

ROCA Archbishop Leonty of Chile later co-consecrated  additional bishops, and in 1969 the entire Synod of Blessed  Metropolitan Philaret recognized these ordinations of GOC bishops, and also declared ROCA to be in full communion with the GOC.

Here's Why:

Like the ROCA we joined 30 years ago, the GOC synod maintains no relations or communion with the local Churches which have accepted the calendar innovation, nor with the Churches which have any communion with the pan-heresy of Ecumenism, and all those which belong to the World Council of Churches. 

In 2007, upon ROCOR's union with the Moscow Patriarchate, Fr Mark and his ruling bishop Archbishop Alypy of Chicago agreed that the mutually acceptable GOC offered protection for our convert parish from the stormy winds [and agents] of change, while supporting the use of the Russian Church's Typicon which is our decades long heritage within the Russian practices and traditions.  

Vladyka Alypy agreed to release Fr Mark to the protection of the Genuine Orthodox Christians of Greece Ἐκκλησία Γνησίων Ὀρθοδόξων Χριστιανῶν, whose First Hierarch is His Beatitude Kallinikos, Archbishop of Athens and All Greece.  This release was reportedly opposed by Bishop Peter, the 'Administrator', but Metropolitan Laurus, the 1st Hierarch of ROCOR intervened and released Fr Mark.  

Saint James the Apostle Church is hosted in the priest's chapel of the Holy Transfiguration located near Owasso, 1/2 mile east of the Tulsa-Rogers County line.  It is 14 miles W of the county seat of Claremore, and about 7 miles NE of the city limits of Tulsa. Maps to St James


 Agape Vespers - Pascha 2008 ( 400 square feet - 42 people for Liturgy! )
Standing where the new Narthex is being built

e-mail:  Priest Mark Gilstrap 

Life of St Mark the Anchorite



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